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White Star Line


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Hard to get good help these days

Cleaners were supposed to show up between 1 and 3 PM. Nope.

Their office called about 5 PM asking how well they had done. I informed them they had not shown up at all. They were concerned that they had made a separate deal with me to clean the house on their own without goiong through the company. I said that was hard to do if they were never here.

I came back from the grocery store at 5:55 PM to find a decrepit car parked in fron tof my house and two slovenly looking people standing in my front yard. I told them they were four hours too late and I didn;t need them anymore.

I'll call their office next week and tell them to send a different crew - preferably the ones we used to have.

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c_eagle April 24th, 2003
That's fleepin' bizarre :|

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