Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
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A new product only two years ago, it has already been taken out of US production. It is being sold at up to 70% off, depending on where you look. For $100 I could not afford one. For $29 I bought a couple.

There is a very active user group for the thing, inciuding several competant programmers who write software for it to make it do things Franklin never intended it for. It is a bit nostalgic as it reminds me of the Apple ][ and Commodore 64 days.

I can now convert any word file and read it as an Ebook. Two Huzzah submisssions came in that way and I now have them on my Ebook to read, complete with illustrations. I can make a "Mobi Book" out of any word file that way. Perhaps I might even start reading fan fiction with this new capability, coupled with the blocks of Idle time that happen at work.
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