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White Star Line


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I now have Comcast (is that good?)

I used to ahave MediaOne cable. They were bought out by AT&T. AT&T has now been bought out by Comcast.

This won't affect our email at all since we already use mail forwards for everything.

They do have the option of 5 fixed IP's (they call them "persistent" IP's) and a 384 connection, an interesting option should I want to have a server again. At the moment I'm using no-ip.com for everything, but if I actually had IP's - other choices present themselves.

Unless comcast totally sucks. I don't know anything about them yet.

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(Deleted comment)
loiosh_de_talto April 12th, 2003
They're an excellent and reliable provider. The support is top-notch and they will actively work with you to solve any problems.

Just a note that they have begun rotating IPs, so do not set your computer to static IP.

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