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Things for today

There are four speakers hooked up to my sterio system. Each is the surviving half of a set where the other speaker got "blown". Consequently nothing matches and they sound terrible. So I'm going to go get a set of matching speakers to replace the ones on the main system, one of which is over 40 years old.

At some point I need to research getting something to record all of my casette tapes to MP3's as the tapes are 30 years old, disintegrating and unreplacable. Both martes and I have a bunch like that. There is only one casette player left in the house I can do this with at present. So it's possible I need both the hardware to match it up to the computer without distoring what's on the tape, as well as editing software to cut up the resulting 30 or 45 minute sound files into the individual songs. I think I already have stuff that will work sorta kinda but I'd rather have something made for the purpose as I wasnt to get the best results possible before I abandon the casette tape format completely.

Also be working on the first draft of Huzzah #49 today.
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