Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Visors dying to the left of me...

My original 2MB visor died back in january after a lot of heavy use. But i figure I got my money out of it. i then bought a pair of used ones on Ebay, on eof which i dropped and smashed about a wek ago. The repair part was $55 from the only shource I could find, so i bought a replacement on ebay. It worked a couple of days until I cleaned the screen using alcohol, at which point it ceased functioning. nothing could fix it. so that's 3 down. I'd just give up on it but I really like the GoType keyboard I have for this particular model.

I'm now using the one surviving unit, but I'll be looking for a coule of backup units on Ebay where they can still be had for relatively cheap. I have a bunch of spare parts at this point I can use to patch up damaged ones I find on ebay, even a complete screen & perhaps a digitizer. at least I don't THINK that's the part that failed.
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