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White Star Line


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I can't type as well as I should be able to. It isn't a spelling problem, I hit all of the keys I am supposed to, but I transpose letters far too often. I hit the keys out of order.

I suppose this is because I am not a touch typist. I have to look at the keys in order to type, and am after all just a hunt and peck typist that can do it at about 45 WPM just through experience. I learned it the wrong way first and now cannot learn it the right way. Even when I tried to take typing in high school it was already too late and I could not re-learn it.

With regular live journal entires and newsgroup postings I merely look stupid - when trying to enter programming code the results are far worse - it simply does not work.

I'm not dyslexic - I just can't type.

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mrobenee_kelley July 26th, 2002
I can relate.

gen July 26th, 2002
I type for a living and still look at my fingers most of the time. I can type fairly quickly wen I 'hit the groove' but my error count is through the roof. One of the interesting things about WordPerfect is that I can set it to recognize most of my most common typos and correct them as I type. It usually catches about 2/3 of my mistakes, that includes hitting words in the wrong order and suchlike.

unciaa July 26th, 2002
Heh, same here, there are just certain words I always misspell when I type in a hurry [which is, er, always].. "The" becomes "teh" and similar problems. I could probably blind-type if I forced myself to do it [I only glance at the keyboard every now and again as is], but there's no way I could type properly. At the moment, I use all 10 fingers to type, but some are pretty exclusive; left pinkie for LShift...
...hm, wait. I don't think I use my left thumb for anything actually. Right thumb for Space, but left is just dead weight.
*goes chop it off*

mrobenee_kelley July 26th, 2002
Ooooh, thumb in a jar...you are sooo cooooool!

unciaa July 27th, 2002
Moe: "It's not so bad, Homer. They... go in through your nose and... they let you keep the piece of brain they cut out. Look!"
*holds up a jar with a piece of brain in it*
"Ooh! Hello! Hello there! Who's that big man there? Who's that?"

mecampbellesq July 26th, 2002
Hey man, don't sweat it. It's called being human, and it happens to the best of us :)

dannycat July 26th, 2002
I never learned to type in school. I learned all I know from chat rooms, muck and now emails, message boards, journal thingys and other such goodies. >:) The real mess ups start when I'm tired and juggling 4 chats of ICQ at once. Woo hoo!

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