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White Star Line


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Toy store day

A lot of good stuff was on sale at Fry's today. I got a bunch of blank CD's of both the 3 and 5 inch size, along with the cases to put them in. For whatever reason, the 3 inch size have always cost more. These are actually the first ones I will have ever used.

I also got another cheap but adjustable chair for the garage for when there are multiple people using computers. Up to now someone has always been stuck on an old hard folding chair.

And also a 19 inch monitor. It was on sale with a double rebate. This will be the largest monitor I have ever owned. I am still debating if I want another dual monitor setup or if I should just keep the leftover as a spare. It still works pretty much OK.

On another note, the new Blacksad is out. I may have some new user icons later..

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mortonfox March 28th, 2003

This is what I found via google. Whether or not that's what you were referring to, it looks pretty neat.

titanic March 29th, 2003
That's it. It's what my main user icons came from. The character does not, alas, appear in "Arctic Nation"

ruggels March 28th, 2003
So how does the new Blacksad look? I never got a chance to see the last one.


titanic March 29th, 2003
Artwork is even better! Story is ..... even worse.

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