Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

The Last Huzzah! (that you can buy, anyway)

The deadline for this issue being a full six weeks later than what it ordinarily would have been (March 31 instead of February 15) the letters went out way late. Main problem is that I have been working through my weekends to get the oney I need to refinance the house, and so have not had a day off in over three weeks until the day the letters were done. Work schedule I have now is 14 hour days. No lie, when my watch beeps at 3AM I am on the I-5 going south. When it beeped at 5PM yesterday I was still not yet home.

Work is a series of 11 hour days with a round trip commute of 80 miles to get there and back. And that's actually to a remote parking lot where I catch a shuttle bus in. I have no personal space, not even a locker. Any personal stuff I do at work is done on a single 45 minute break that is supposed to be lunch (I actually eat on the shorter breaks, of which there are 2 of 15 minutes each.).

Consequently I do not get any personal work done on the job. All I can actually accomplish is pretty much this - livejournal entries done on a Visor to be uploaded when I get home. I can't maintain contact with anyone from here outside of the occasional SMS message I send to martes. I have unlimited outbound calling time on my phone at home but I'm seldom there to use it.

I don't mind the change in my lifestyle as much as it might seem. It's certainly better than being unemployed, but it also does not allow for the time it takes to maintain Huzzah! and keep it a quality book. And as I'm doing this at the airport, I'm out of time for today. More at a later date, as I don't have time to do these from home either.
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