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23 MPG!

At first calculation it looks like I got 236 miles out of a 10 gallon tank of gas that cost $20. That's a dime a mile just for fuel.

So it's probably a good thing that work changed schedules for everybody. For the past two weeks they were on a regular 40 hour week, and wanting some extra overtime, I volunteered to work on my days off. That gave me a 56 hour week. No days off, but I was home every day by 2:00 PM and could get personal stuff done after work anyway.

Now the schedule has been extended to 10 1/4 hour days. This means I have a 51 hour work week with two less commutes in it. There will, as a result, only be a limited amount of things I will be able to do after work, and will have to be scheduled for the "weekend" which will remain Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the things that I will start working on on the 11th, (my next day off) is scoping out plans for the Yellowstone vacation that I and martes want to take this summer. It looks like we will actually be able to afford it.
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