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White Star Line


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70 years ago today

FDR was Inagurated Preident of the United States.

Oil ws discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938, resulting in the country going from the poorest to the richest in the next half century.

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unciaa March 4th, 2003
Hmm, I think you mentioned using refillable printer cartridges once?


mortonfox March 4th, 2003
It's sad that Lexmark has to use legal means to protect a gouge-them-on-consumables business model.

unciaa March 5th, 2003
What I find ironic is that these practices are semi legal to begin with... Anyone remember when Sony started selling PSX below their manufacturing price? They said that was illegal because it was designed to kill off competition [MS IE type of deal], but since noone really did anything now everyone does it. And it'd appear that the practice is actually gaining validity; how else can you explain this lawsuit? Noone else can make cartridges for them because otherwise Lexmark cannot get returned profits for seling their printers so cheap. Gee, how nice.
I'm probably oversimplifying here, but given the "you're not allowed to open, sell, smell, touch or use your XBox in any other was that we dictated!!" DMCA 'law', I don't really see stuff like this too far away. :/

titanic March 4th, 2003
I don't use Lexmark printers. I never will. Someone else on my livejournal friends list works for Lexmark, and mentioned there had just been a round of layoffs there. Good.

I used refilled ink to print Huzzah! but there are only going to be two more issues and I already have all of the toner I need to do them - with an HP2000 printer.

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