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White Star Line


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ATT Wireless sucks

I think I made a bad choice there. internet coverage (I have a pocket PC) sucks and SMS messging doesn't work half the time. I'm in a Starbucks at LAX at the moment and I can't even make a phone call from here.

Any recommendations? I was looking at Nextel as the 2 way radio feature is nice but it would cost too much to have two of them.

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c_eagle February 27th, 2003
My bro has Verizon, and everyone I know who has them says the coverage is pretty good. I know it's better than Cingular, but I prefer their price plans and don't mind a little coverage sacrifice.. that's not for everyone though.
If what you want is more coverage, I wouldn't recommend Cingular, but maybe Verizon is better than ATT. Don't know how Nextel is faring these days.

I agree

(Anonymous) September 6th, 2003
I agree they just stuck me with a $400 dollar phone bill. They suck, and they have no customer service! They are stupid people.


(Anonymous) September 8th, 2003
att wireless does suck! they certainly messed me up.
check http://www.attvictims.info

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