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I'm batting about .300 at Fry's

I finally decided to get a flat panel monitor for the main computer. It is on almost all the time and the regular CRT monitor uses the typical 230 - 250 watts, so I wanted both to save power as well as get desktop space back (I mean on the actual desk).

Went to Fry's and got a great deal on a demo NEC model. Not only that, but it fit perfectly in the space on the desk and even color matched the rest of what normally sits on the desk.

Too good to be true. So it was.

Got it home and set it up. Beautiful. But then Roz noticed something I had missed - there was no red. Sure enough, I could adjust the green and blue. but there was no red component at all. Fuck.

So now I'm back at Fry's, getting a Samsung 151V.
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