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Livejournal Vs. Movable Type

The latest fad seems to be setting up personal sites using MT, as opposed to just maintaining a journal on a multi user site like this one. "Movable Type" seems to be the equivalent of a PHP BBS but just for the input of a single person.

I considered setting up an MT site myself just to have one, but I'm not sure I have enough to say to make people go to a website just to read my stuff all by itself. I get relatively few comments on my LJ postings, so I don't know how many people are actually reading it. I could spend a lot of effort on such a site and only get the chirping cricket effect. Some people like mcgroarty are popular enough to do that, and technical enough to throw in an RSS feed to their LJ to cover those they leave behind, but I doubt I need to look into that for mzself. I had a blogger up for about two years with no readers as far as I could tell.

Now that doesn't mean I will not be reading the other ones - I just don't have enough material to put one up of my own. LJ will do for me.

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salemkitty February 10th, 2003
I have a friend with a webpage that's like a Livejournal thing. He doesn't use it much anymore, but he says that with Livejournal, at least he gets an idea of who's reading it, whereas with the webpage anyone can read it and post as anyone.

unciaa February 10th, 2003
I originally just posted my web logs on my site, then added LJ for the sole purpose of comments and to give people on LJ the ability to be updated of changes [that's the main reason why I like LJ... With a few friends, there are always changes, whereas with single sites, you're limited to loading a site a dozen times per actual update just to check]... Since then I've moved to LJ fully due to necessity; my site is all static pages, no frames. Every page has the same navigation bar on the side [well, its own link is disabled obviously] and each LJ is linked to. Since I collected entries on weekly pages, I had to add a new page every week. And every week, I had to update the navigation bar on all the previous pages plus the new one- since then, it was beginning to take more time just to fix the HTML tags than it did to update the LJ, making it not worth it. I've put the site on pause until I learn some PHP and automate the navbar generation [plus collect some content I've been meaning to add to it, like art, CG and other stuff I do].

Static pages + weekly content = pain.

mcgroarty February 10th, 2003
The RSS is "free" with MoveableType. Once you have the base engine working, the RSS is automatically published.

Actually, I'd consider giving it a go if you're interested in talking about the work-related things to a wider audience. You've written a few things which might gather a lot of interest, and there's a lot more linking from site to site with blogs than with LiveJournals.

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