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Another one bites the dust (or toner, actually)

The third toner cartrige for the HP2200DSE finally wore out. I can now safely say I'm getting 4 or 5 useful refills each out of these before they start to streak. And then when they DO give out, I'm salvaging whatever toner is left in them to put in anoter cart.

I'm currently on the first refill of my last real HP cartrige. After this I have two aftermarket units I got on Ebay. Not refills or remanufactures (they say) just off brand. I have 11 refills to go along with that. That should take me through the end of the book :-/ I'm currently doing the subscriber copies for teh NOVEMBER issue. The deadline for #49 would normally only be ten days from now but has been moved back a month to March 15. Still, next week the reminder letters for the last regular issue go out.
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