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White Star Line


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WWV where are you?

I finally got one of those watches that tunes in the atomic clock at the naval observatory and resets itself every night. Or so it's supposed to. Today I noticed the indicator that shows a successful reset has gone out - meaning it hasn't gotten a reset signal in three days. It's still probably no more than one second off. I probably just need to leave it in a better place to pick up the signal.

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titanic February 6th, 2003
It managed to tune in last night. The little radio icon is back, so my watchis back to .01 second off or less. :-)

mcgroarty February 9th, 2003
I didn't know they had that in watches. I've seen larger clocks that could tune in.

What model is it?

Re: WWV where are you?

starionwolf September 25th, 2004
Hi! I'm thinking of buying a $12 radio controlled clock from CVS. I hope it works. I hope your watch works too. I suggest that you put the watch near a window away from electronic equipment.

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