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White Star Line


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Too many clothes

It occurs to me that it will pobably take almost forever for me to need to ever buy clothes again. I had just bought a whole new wardrobe and then took a job where I wear a uniform all day. Not only that, but the trousers to it are a plain generic navy blue. All I find myself doing when I get home is changing shirts. It will take forever for me to wear out another pair of jeans.

As you might guess, work hasn't been very interesting today.

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mortonfox February 4th, 2003
Isn't that a good thing? Save time and money by not shopping for clothes. I hardly ever buy clothes these days either except when I'm traveling and run out of clean clothes. (or get mud all over my pants seeking a geocache before the event)

titanic February 6th, 2003
I can go to events a month long and bring enough to change every day. at this point.

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