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Valencia late night

This is one of those rare times when I'm actually updating my journal in real time as opposed to using an Avantgo client in an old Handspring Visor. Usually my posts are several hours old before anyone gets to se them.

Went out to get a case of sodas. Nothing spectacular. Went past the intersection of Orchard Village and Wiley Canyon. Two pickup trucks had apparently attempted to cross the intersection at the same time, one on each road, without slowing down. It didn't work. Most of the residue wound up on the east side of the road, so on the outbound drive I just went past it. On the return trip I was on the side of the road where most of the police cars were and as it happened, where the flatbed tow trucks were dragging the two largest pieces away, which blocked the entire intersection for about 15 minutes.

Got a good look at the trucks. I doubt the driver of one of them made it, or has anything less than maiming injuries if he did. The engine was no longer attached to the truck as far as I could see.

What impressed me even more than the accident was our Sheriffs Volunteers. Nothing like this existed 18 years ago - apparently there is a new category where if you cannot qualify to be a reserve deputy you can still serve in some capacity. They get white shirts (with the same olive drab name tapes regular reserve deputies get on khaki uniforms - which looks odd)which most of them seem to be bulging out of. I could tell they were wearing body armor thought hey were not armed. I suppose they may be P.O.S.T level 1's (a reserve deputy is a 2, a regular cop a 3)but they seemed to do more harm than good, mainly walking around through traffic and getting in the way, without contributing anything to traffic control. Cars were ignoring their hand signals and just driving anywhere they wanted with the only consequence being an eventual gridlock that stopped traffic on it's own until the tow trucks cleared the area.

Well, that was enough excitement for one evening. Normally I would be in bed now but tomorrow is my day off.
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