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White Star Line


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Refilled toner DOES work!

I just printed up something like 4,000 pages of Huzzah! using toner cartridges that I refilled using refill kits I got for $12 each on Ebay. I had my doubts but the results are beautiful. Cartridge in the printer right now has been refilled twice and it's still working perfectly.

I know eventually the drup will wear out and it will start to streak, but even with two refills that brings the price of toner down to about $30 from the $100 I thought I was looking at.

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ruggels July 21st, 2002
Well, finally good news. Excellent to hear! What's the time per issue, and do you have to go to the collation party method like "Brazzle?



titanic July 22nd, 2002
Issue #47 will be produced in lots - like 15 or 20 copies at a time. The first 100 covers will be printed at Kinko's - but everything after that will be made on the Canon BJC 3000 inkjet printer I have here.

Members first, subscribers next, then the Rabbit Valley copies, then however many I need for conventions. It won't be one single print run & mailing anymore.

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