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White Star Line


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Packing up the last of it

The rerun of the books turned out OK, I'll be assembling them in a minute. I want to have everything ready by 8. Planned departure time is around 10.

The Red Lion (now the doubletree I suppose) had dataports in the phones when I was there 12 years ago so I have no reason to doubt there isn't 10baseT available in every room, so I will bring the laptop along. But I and martes may or may hnot be posting from the convention. If not, I will at least be making entires in my Visor to post after we get home.

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cl0pin January 23rd, 2003
Have a very safe trip. And have fun :)

Thanks, I need this trip

titanic January 23rd, 2003
I've been working 60 hour weeks for months,and I have been unofficially told that it will continue for at least two months after I'm back, so I really need this break.

Incidentally, it's 58 degrees in my garage, and it isn't heated.... ;-)

Re: Thanks, I need this trip

mecampbellesq January 23rd, 2003
You lucky slug. Here in Madison it's 11 degrees below zero, with the wind chill driving it down to -25.

When I win the lottery I'm moving someplace that's freakin'warm...

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