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White Star Line


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Returning to Comb Binding

Everything has been printed for the convention, it will all be collated tonight, and assembled tomorrow for the trip up on Thursday. I solved the problem with the computer printer settings and the #47's are coming off of it nicely.

Went to work and turned in paperwork to hopefully deal with problems going back to when I got hired. Half of my back pay showed up, and the rest may show up a week from tomorrow, which will give me a chance to do the mortgage refinance. I've also been told unofficially, but reliably, that 60 hour work weeks will continue for at least two months, making me even more glad for the diversion of Further Confusion.

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM the doctor will look at the stitches he put in yesterday and change the bandage. It may need to be looked at again after I am back.

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ruggels January 21st, 2003
So #47 has that plastic gripping spin like the early issues had? Interesting. What's the page count? It can't be very big.

Sorry about your hand. I've has a lot of stitches in my hand. Did the cdoctor advise you to soak them in epsom salts or to make sure it stays dry?


#48 is 156 pages

titanic January 21st, 2003
About 20% larger than #47. This is the best comb binder the store had, it can do 300 page books no problem. At least it's supposed to, I haven't taken it out of the box yet.

ex_space_wo January 21st, 2003
Not sure. I had to get a new fancy comb binder to put Blacklight together, and it will be tempting to just use it for everything. Besides, I figure we started with comb binding, we can finish that way too. I never did get the staple binding figured out, and if I try to do it with this hand it will all come out crooked.

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