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White Star Line


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Good thing martes caught the fact that I never produced extra copies of issue #47. I only have one!!

Fortunately I have time to react and produce about 15 copies for Further Confusion. Otherwise I would not have had any for the con, and that would have been bad.

I'll still be cutting it close on the reprints of Blacklight and Escape as I won' t have the interiors until the day before we leave

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salemkitty January 18th, 2003
But, if that was the only copy of #47, just think of how much it'd be worth! You could charge $500 to $1,000 for it! ^.^

ruggels January 18th, 2003
Just 15 extra? You don'tthink you could move more of them?


martes January 19th, 2003
It's the fact it takes so long to print via the computer that limits the ammount we'll have with us, not how many we think we can sell.

Cool. Question for you, though...

kliefox January 20th, 2003
What day are you going to start selling your copies of Huzzah, Blacklight, And EtNY at the con? I won't be able to get in San Jose until Friday night, and I still wanted to buy copies of those from you. Would you be willing to set aside a copy of those for me?

Thanks much. n_n


(Anonymous) January 20th, 2003

While you are at it (making additional copies of #47), could you make an extra copy of the sheet with pages 39 and 40 on it?

For some reason, my copy is missing those pages - and I'd like to know how Ms. Giles' "Low-Effort Comic" turned out.

Also - There seems to be at least one words missing; "Then hold while I adjust this wig", for example. I am baffled by this (yeah, the missing word is probably "still"...I'm wondering what happened to the word itself, whether Ms. Giles included it, or if your printer just happened to suffer a lapse at that point).

- Michael Burlake -

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