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Bad start to the day

I had my own case of acid reflux last night. I couldn't find the asprin, but I did manage to drink some milk and eat a bunch of dry bread to soak up the acid. It does work, and I was able to go back to bed.

Then I forgot about my schedule change when I woke up and saw 2AM on the clock. I ran out of the house half dressed, leaving a trail of stuff behind. I got to the car and only then remembered I start an hour later now. Naturally this time I could not get back to sleep.

And then when the right time to leave for work came, I got a ticket for rolling through a red light. No contest, I have been doing that every morning. I stop and then look up and down the street. If there is nothing on the road at all, and there usually isn't at 2:30 AM. I go through the light. Today that didn't work.

Since my last ticket was less than 18 months ago, I iust have to pay this one. Shouldn't be too bad.
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