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Wierd Dreams

My work schedule changed, and I now get to sleep in an hour later. But my brain has not yet adjusted to that, so I woke up at the usual time and had to go back to sleep. I then had a set of really bizzare vivid dreams.

In the first, I was driving on a dirt road through open countryside looking for a repair shop. I could see a house off in the distance. It was in a tree, but it was not the house I ultimately went to. I instead went to the same 200 year old house that figures in many of my other dreams. I got inside, but didn't do too much in it in this particular dream.

In the second, I was in the house on top of the tree thinking about how I was safe from the earthquake. and I noticed there were no fewer than 5 tornadoes in various places around us. It then occurred to me that a treehouse was not the best place to be at the moment.

Sure enough, one of them turned right for us and everything disappeared in a cloud of debris. I was then in the debris field flying around. holding on to an empty filing cabinet to use for a parachute (?) Amazingly, it worked and I was OK. Several other people did not make it though.

Later I was at a funeral for all the people lost. One was my wife, though in this dream Roz did not exist.
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