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Time Sguad

I actually get the Cartoon Network now. Got a chance to watch an episode of this show where they supposedly go back to 1911.

Taft is president, and Wilson is getting elected. 1911? Its as bad as "Histeria". I suppose they thought they were being educational by calling out the names of various presidents. Whogpee.

In other news, I'm wearing my new Atomic Watch today. These things used to be hideously expensive - just like guartz watches once were. But I found one on www.gadgets4u.com for $40, shipping included. Now I have a watch that resets itself every night and is never even one second off. Neat.

Also neat is that there is a companion to PocketLJ where I can capture a snapshot of my friends list to read later. It has no provision for replying to anything though.
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