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White Star Line


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Issue #48 is ready.

Except for the back cover. I printed the table of contents on the inside back cover of this issue, and then later found that pages were missing and it had to be redone.

Not a real disatster, since it is going to take awhile to produce this issue anyway. I'm working 12 hour days at the moment and apparently they are cancelling days off as well due to the load. I'll work on it as I can.

In other news, I finally did manage to get a used Visor with a cracked screen, missing battery and expansion cover for cheap. I can combine parts with my damaged one and make a working unit that I can use my keyboard with.

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ruggels January 2nd, 2003
QWell, of what I saw on the files going inm, it looked good.


kliefox January 3rd, 2003
*thumbs up* Congratulations on scoring a good deal with the visor(s).

Take care, God Bless.


titanic January 4th, 2003
I'll let you know if the Frankenstein model actually works. I will probably use the B&W models at the airport, as I have discovered the color screen on the Prism is impossible to read if you use the thing outside - whcih is where I like to take breaks and write.

kliefox January 4th, 2003
Look forward to hearing about it. Hopefully, all will go well with it, and everything will work as it should. *chuckles* Ah yes, being able to use a piece of equipement comfortably and well in the places that you like to use them is a definate plus. *grins*

Take care, and good luck with that endeavor.


c_eagle January 4th, 2003
I was seriously tempted to come look for you when I dropped a buddy off at the airport this evening, in case you might be on.
My better judgement got me squared away though.. I know your job is intense and though it'd certainly be fun to say hi, I realized it probably wasn't realistic to bother ya while working.
Man!.. all them GIANT new xray machines are really somethin'!

titanic January 4th, 2003
It's an X Ray Machine, It's a CAT scanner, it ejects your luggage at 22 MPH and it will incinerate your camera film (it's a lot more powerful than the ones upstairs). I write about it in 53162 if such things interst you. I keep that stuff in a seperate journal.

c_eagle January 5th, 2003
hehhehheh.... :D I'm sold!
*mantles protectively over his film*..

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