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Happy birthday to Me.

Yeah, right. I got to work at 3:30 Am only to discover that we had goneon 12 hour shifts effective today and I was supposed to be there at 3:00, but nobody told me. Or a bunchof other people, so that at least won't be a problem this time.

I was informed we had gone to 12 hour shifts for the next two weeks, meanignmy personal life is on hold.

My favorite pocket watch fell to pieces this morning after Ihad been at work about 3 hours (like, 6AM). A couple of hours after that I tried to cook one of the dinty moore spaghetti meals my mother had sent me. The microwave I have available is ancient and cannto be programmed for time and intensity, it instead has buttons for "potato" and "soup" and such. I tried to use it, my meal blew up, I had to contend with other cranky people while I cleaned up the mess and then went hungry for several hours.

I now get to be home for about three hours before I have to go to be or not survive tomorrow.

And this was my birthday, too.
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