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White Star Line


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Where the Banshees live..... and they do live well

In my case and current situation insomnia actually isn't so bad, as I'm still home most of the time and the garage (where I do most of my work) is essentially uninhabitable from 2 - 7 PM as it is too hot to do anything in it. So staying up all night, at least during the summer, is actually more productive.

From midnight to 1AM the travel channel had on a show about Stonehenge that I found entirely by accident, but filled me in on a lot of details about it.

It was constructed in 3100 BC, rebuilt into a different structure in 2150 BC, and rebuilt again into it's current form sometime between then and 1600 BC, when it was abandoned after a major change in religion in England that made it obsolete.

The Druids didn't exist until a thousand years later and have nothing at all to do with it. In fact, there have been several histories written about Stonehenge starting as far back as 1140 and continuing up to 1950, when they finally were able to properly date it with technology only then coming into existence.

On the last day of the 19th century (December 31, 1900) one of the largest stones fell over, and prompted the first actions to preserve what was left of it.

Like the Sphinx, it predates ANY form of written language by thousands of years, so a lot of it is still a guess, like the Skeleton they found under one of the stones that had been beheaded by a sharp metal blade, a thousand years before such a thing was supposed to exist.

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unciaa July 19th, 2002
What amuses me is the mounting evidence that there was a civilisation before the ones we know [contradicting pyramid evidence, statues in Central America of a race that shouldn't have existed there, copies of copies of maps of the South pole land shapes that couldn't have been made in our recorded history since it has frozen over since,...] and yet research into that evidence remains minimal...
I guess the old "humans share ancestors with apes? HA, what nonsense, get him off of there!" 'openmindedness' still exists today.

mrobenee_kelley July 19th, 2002
I loooove archeology. Recent findings have put textile work thousands of years prior to what we thought. We'll never know anything for sure about history before the written word. The mystery is what facinates me. (and NO I don't believe aliens had anything to do with anything)

dustmeat July 19th, 2002
Heh heh heh I read Chariots of the Gods. Watta laff

titanic July 19th, 2002
This particular program never mentioned aliens at all. They did cover an interesting re-enactment group tat was trying to figure out how the larger stones got there from a quarry 20 miles away by a culture that had little technology beyond the basic wheel.

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