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White Star Line


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Roz should be in the air

martes should have taken off from Cleveland Hopkins airport about a half hour ago enroute to come home. I think her cat Charlie has finally figured out she has been gone for several days and seems a bit unhappy. Well, he doesn't have long to wait at this point. I still have some of the 2 Lb bag of shrimp left, that should tide him over until later in the day.

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gen December 26th, 2002
Feep's good like that too. We'll annoy her and get her good and miffed by playing with her toes or petting her in one of the various spots that Are Not To Be Touched (like the belly, legs, or tail) and she'll get good and grumpy... and then we'll toss a treat her way. Instant cat amnesia. It's amazing.

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