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White Star Line


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Anybody still use net2phone?

It's still a good way to make phone calls, provided you have the right hardware. It always included a way to callother net2phone users, but I never knew anybody else with a net2phone ID that I could call. Mine is "ddutton" if anybody else is still using these things.

I went to linksys router that had net2phone built in, advantageous as the computer never had to be on and I could make outbound calls anytime. After that I wnet to a Vonage system where I have a full featured phone line including an inbound phone number, so I don't use the old stuff much anymore.

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c_eagle December 24th, 2002
I used to use DialPad once on a while, but never got to try the Net2Phone thing.. It wasn't clear if the service would be much different from DialPad or NetMeeting, which vary in quality.

How much is Net2Phone these days... about a penny a minute? I think they used to have a deal around that, but I don't recall if there were other fees also.

Best rates I have found

titanic December 25th, 2002
Is the yap phone at a penny a minute, though I don't know if those rates can still be had.

My net2phone is free for 5 minutes, then 2 cents a minute after that, so I use one or the other based on whether or not I think the call will go over 10 minutes.

My LinkSys router with built in net2phone is 2 cents a minute anytime. This device has the advantage of not being in a router, not a computer, so it is always on. I have it rigged up as line 3 in the house. I would only make outbound calls on it when:

The Cisco ATA-186 from Vonage plugs into the hub like any other ethernet based device, and generates a phone line that is completely functional, even all of the features you have to pay more for on a regular phone. I even have an inbound phone number. 500 minutes a month are inlcuded in the rate plan I have (which is unfortunately no longer offered, as I just found out). I can never use them all up. I have been having half hour conversations with family in both Conencticut and Ohio every day while martes is gone and I have not gone through half the time.

If I were liivng alone I would cut the regular phone service entirely. As I have cable and not DSL, there is no need to have it at all. Vonage even includes call forwarding to another number automatically if they cannot contect the cisco device, and I have that set to my cell phone, whcih is where calls go after 12 seconds if I'm not hoem to answer the phone anyway.

I've been acquiring the newer and better systems without turning the old ones off, as there is no monthly fee involved, If I don't talk on them, they cost nothing. It appears I will probably never go through all 500 minutes included in my Vonage plan though.

Re: Best rates I have found

c_eagle December 27th, 2002
Very intriguing info there... thanks!
I'd see those net2phone things at the checkout in CompUSA over and over a long time back, and I just couldn't get myself to go for it when I didn't need it all that much then.. The deals you speak of are very enticing though!... sorry it seems I missed a few of them ..

Thanks for the memories.. It'd be interesting to see how you've setup all the computer gear.

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