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White Star Line


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New thingy livejournal introduced


It lets you know just how popular people you do not consider to be friends are with those you do.

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ruggels July 17th, 2002
Paid account only.


Well, yeah...

titanic July 17th, 2002
the "friendsfriends" thing only works on paid accoutns as well.

unciaa July 18th, 2002
Mya, paid only... Bugger.

Anyone care to explain what it does exactly? If it compared you with the 10 000 other users, well... Like comparing amateur tennis players with Agassi or something, you'd never make the list. :p

titanic July 19th, 2002
It goes through the "friends list on all of your friends accounts, and totals up how many times each name appears that is not on your own list.

mrobenee_kelley July 17th, 2002
Weeee, I'm number 1!!!!!!! Horray (I think)

mrobenee_kelley July 17th, 2002
Well, no wonder I'm #1, I don't have myself listed as a friend. Dur.

Odd livejournal quirk

lahacal July 17th, 2002
When you are looking at tyoru "frineds" list, it helps to have yourself flisted as a friend of yourself to be able to read everything in one place.

Re: Odd livejournal quirk

mrobenee_kelley July 17th, 2002
Aaaah, I will go do that now.

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