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White Star Line


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I'm firing PayPal

I just bouught my replacement Visor off of ebay - and paid for it with paypal, assumingit would get funded off my credit card as I had no money in my paypal account.

Instead, they transferred the money out of my checking account. When did that start? I was not even given a choice. What's more, even though the money was not immediately claimed, there was no provision for canceling the transfer.

That was enough for me. They're gone.

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vickimfox December 21st, 2002
On the "Check Payment Details" screen there is a section near the bottom buttons called "Source of Funds". It is loaded with your default source of funds.

If you click on the link, "More Funding Options", it will take you to a screen where you can select other payment methods; such as using your backup credit card or another bank account. Also, the "More Funding Options" allows you to record new funding sources.

After selecting the alternative, the "Check Payment Details" screen will return. And then you can proceed.

This change went into affect early in 2002 because PayPal discovered that people tended to use the same funding method; so they made the page more efficient by loading the primary choice and then giving a link if you need to change your mind. (Techie -- It takes too much system server resources to build a list of alternative funding each time, so the page is initially loaded only with the most likely choice.)

You have to request the receipient of the payment to cancel the payment. Then you would be able to send it again

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