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White Star Line


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Death to the Visor

It reminds me of what happened with the Commodore 64 at the Skiltaire party of 1989. I turn it on and get only a blue square.

It's dead, Jim.

I had an ear blockage that made me come home from work after only half a day, which was around 8 AM (no shit) I went to the walk in clinic and after getting enough wax to make up the candles for my upcoming birthday cleaned out, I drove around looking for a replacement for my dead PDA. I went to 6 stores, all of which were sold out of every version of the visor that had ever been made. Apparently the Visor is an obsolete platform and has been discontinued. I can't get a new one.

Already having lots of Visor accessories, I went to Ebay and bid on a couple used ones. I should wind up wiht a better unit than I had for reasonably cheap. I need to stay on the Visor platorm until I can afford a pocket PC. And I haven't done any comparason shopping on those anyway.

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chipuni December 20th, 2002
I was lucky. The Fry's near where I live had refurbished Visors way-the-hell marked down on price.

There's no chance any of them would still be around.

Got me a Prism

titanic December 21st, 2002
four times the internal memory (though I never did use up the 2MB since I had the flash module) so now I have 16MB and a color screen. I suppose I can sell my old one on Ebay - the screen is still perfect and the battery cover with the serial number is still present - the two parts that usually break or get lost on those things.

That or I may look for one with a broken screen I can get cheap, use mine to fix it and then have a backup. This has to last me awhile.

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