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Mission sucessful

This follows a post that's still sitting in my Visor, mainly because the computer it needs to sync up with is in a 44.8 degree room. I'll do that later.

My car spent yesterday in the shop, getting routine maintenance done and also more extensive repairs as I can afford them. In this case the brakes, which were down to 10% on the last trip, were down to nothing, but they were replaced and the rotors turned.

The wipers were replaced as well. I had done that on my own but the passenger side one never fit right and kept coming off. Also some of the electrical components were replaced. This just leaves the leaky gasket that would cost $500 to fix and only results in a $1 bottle of oil being burned every week or so. That can wait.

My car had to be done first as martes car has to go into the shop today for it's first maintenance, actually almost 900 miles overdue, but this lets me get it in before she goes east for Christmas.

I did manage to get all 5 of us seated together for the LOTR2 movie, though it was all the way in the back of the theater. This turned out to be not too bad as there was nobody behind me to kick the seat and I could put my jacket over the back. I kept expecting the Elf king to put on sunglasses and start firing a Desert Eagle .50 and the Human king to order the women and children into the lifeboats.

On an unrelated note, I now have discovered the bluejays can tell martes and dwight_dutton apart. One just came and looked in the window, and not seeing the human who is the peanut supply, promptly left.....
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