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Back from Anthrocon

Tired & jet Lagged. As usual, martes will cover the entire event, so read about it there.

I discovered a way to make printing HUZZAH! at home actually economically viable, though it will be a hell of a lot more work. I learned of sources for toner for the HP2200 a lot cheaper than where I've been able to find them, and ways to refill the cars to bring the cost down even further. Messy and dirty, but economical, which is the major point. The HP2200 willprint duplex, and it is rated for the volume of paper it would have to print. I just have to make sure I have ruggels scanning procedures down before I scan anything else. Apparently what was scanned to his specifications held up even on a bad printer.

As for Anthrocon itself? To make a long story short, I'm not going back again. It cost us $1,350 to attend and I can think of trips we can take and have a lot more fun for that kind of money. I sure can't justify it as a business trip.
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