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White Star Line


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winpqxx.exe (???)

Judging from the name, I'd say this got installed by kaZaa, but I'm not sure. Near as I can determine this file is created from scratch whenever the computer boots, as I cannot find it in the system anywhere. It runs like seti@home, eating up allof the computer's resources and doing constant online activity. It could be a remote control attack program for all I know.

It even tries to close task manager when you attempt to find it and close it down. every time I boot this computer It takes several attempts to get this program located and the process tree shut down. Whenever the computer goes into screen saver mode it respawns.

I will be wiping and reloading this computer from scratch later today.

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ruggels December 7th, 2002
Download "AdAware" from lavasoft.de. It's a program that goes aftyer and removed advertizing based trojans. The anti-Virus companies don't do anything about them because they are not "Viruses" in the realssense ut they are just as bad.Ask Will how well his computer ran after we installedAdAware in it. Also go to CEXX.com to see what they say about that exe file.
I had to wrap my sistem tighter than a moslem virgin before I put my Win2K system out on the net, what with Ad Aware, and Zone Alarm and all the current WIN security patches.


tuftears December 7th, 2002
Something like this apparently now comes free with one of the major P2P networks. It's their way of getting something back from the people who use their service: your computer can be used to do whatever, like the seti@home programs you mention. Naturally they're oblivious to how easily such a network of slave computers could be subverted, or else they don't care.

shoka December 7th, 2002
Kazaa at one time (still may) included a second program that ran sharing your disk space and network bandwidth with their marketing client's network. CNN story here.

Think really hard before reinstalling any of the Kazaa versions once you get done wiping/reinstalling.

caffeinewabbit December 7th, 2002
Like Ruggels said, download AdAware - it'll get that crap off of your system, and alot of other things as well.

If you still want to use Kazaa after the wipe tho, do a Google search for 'Kazaa Lite'. Its a streamlined version of Kazaa, cracked by a hacker to remove all the spyware and piggyback programs. I use it, and it works fine.

Thanks for the advice

titanic December 8th, 2002
I had KaZaa installed on my oldest machine mainly because I knew it would have problems like that. But being made part of a distributed network against my will and then it having all those built in defenses against taking it out or even stopping it was too much.

lockemaison December 7th, 2002
kazaa lite can be downloaded from kazaalite.com. You can also get a copy of ad aware from there too.

unciaa December 8th, 2002
Hear hear, Kazaa Lite all the way. Also get the SpeedUp and Cheater tools to get around the participation level problems; read its instructions before running AdWare though, it does use some dummy spyware files to fool Kazaa into thinking they are installed.

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