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Home today

I was originally going to go in to work today for a day of overtime, but martes is not feeling well so I decided at the last minute to call it off and stay home. Still got up at 3:15 though.

I rearranged the computers again, since the garage is often too cold to work in, and at the moment smells strongly of skunk. Not as much as outside, though, so it may be in the yard or out front somewhere. It's showed up since 3:30 though.

Once again I have the slowest (366 computer inside the house hooked up to the TV with a wireless keyboard. I'm posting off it right now. Resolution is minimal, 640X480 with all text in the largest display size available, but it works, and internet radio through the sterio system sounds great. Most of the good stations disappeared after the royalty crap started though.

Sun is only now just starting to come up. I may put on internet radio and go back to sleep for awhile. I have to move the printer (now connected to nothing and rearrange a few things in the garage but that can wait for it to get warm out there - and for the skunk smell to go away.
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