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White Star Line


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Thanks to all who made it great

Anybody remember Beverly Sills?

She was the best singer the Metropolitan Opera had. When her voice started
to go, she immediately stopped singing and became the director for the
Opera. She wanted people to remember her at her best.

Many more of you remember Johnny Carson. He, Too, knew when it was time to

For reasons which will be fully explained in the editorial for issue #48,
It has been decided that Just as Critters! ended with issue #50, so shall
Huzzah! also end on the same number.

With great sadness I have to admit that Huzzah! has passed it's peak. I do
not want to see the book deteriorate away due to lack of interest or time
of the members who made it great. It's been a wonderful twelve years, but
times change, and all things end.

The deadlines for the next two issues are being revised back. Issue #48 is
not due until the end of November. #49 will also be pushed back about a month.

Issue #50 will not be made available to the public, but will only be sent
to members. Over the next few months I will try and contact as many former
members as possible to see if I can get them to contribute to that last issue.

I appreciate all the effort, great work and dedication you have shown over
the years. When the final issue passes, I will miss it greatly.

This announcement will be made publicly in a few days, but is not a secret,
you may tell whoever you wish.

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And the world gets one size smaller.....

mecampbellesq October 31st, 2002
I stumbled upon Huzzah way back when, when I was down about the whole 'furry' thing: What at first appeared to be an interesting intelligent group of people turned into yet another bunch of back-biting two-bit fanboys who didn't have two brain cells to rub together, all of whom were patting themselves on the back about how 'alternative' they were, while all the while being as insular and orthodox as the 'mundanes' they claimed to be an alternative to. The only difference between the furry geeks and the sci-fi geeks I was distancing myself from was that this batch had tails.

Then I found Huzzah. In it was awesome art, interesting talk, and a certain something that made a little voice in the back of my brain say "Now THIS is the furry fandom that I signed up for!"

One time I met you and said that "Huzzah is the living proof of the saying 'The purest metals come from the hottest fires.'" You admitted that you didn't know what I meant. But _I_ knew: If you settle for nothing but excellence, that's invariably what you get. And Huzzah was just that.

While seeing a great zine like Huzzah go away is sad, I also understand that seeing something you love dying a slow, lingering death is sadder. Been there, done that.

Huzzah will be missed. It was "one of the great ones."

Now there's nothing left to do but start the NEXT "one of the great ones"...

mrobenee_kelley October 31st, 2002
I'm sorry to hear this. I always look forward to reading Huzzah. I feel like I've come to know many people through the book.

I never would have met Kurt and Lute if I hadn't been reading it.

Sigh...if you want I can try to nag Pat into doing something for #50...I don't know if it will work...he doesn't feel like drawing any more.

mistahbojangles November 1st, 2002
Not that I've done anything to boost the appeal of the book lately, but IMO the quality hasn't flagged any and thoughts that it will do so in the near or far future are rather presumptuous if you ask me. Granted it's your book to call the shots, but perhaps the membership should be given a chance to "improve" a perceived failing quality before the towel is thrown in.

Job interference is another matter.

tuftears November 1st, 2002
Yikes! Closing as of issue 50? Well, that's a nice round number, and knowing when to quit is good.

Who's got the cover for 50?

vickimfox November 1st, 2002
I will greatly miss Huzzah! It is my all time favourite 'zine and it contains most of my favourite artists (insert member roster here).

Maybe an electronic version could become Huzzah II. I have the tools to automatically generate a web version, a CD-ROM version, or a PDF deliverable version. I wouldn't mind helping to create an electronic version.

I think one of the strengths of Huzzah is the apparent community it has formed among members. It might be nice to find a way to preserve that?

I don't know. I'm rambling and such.

Bottom line .... Thank you Dwight for the many years of dedication and skill in producing this excellent 'zine!!!

Le Fin

c_eagle November 3rd, 2002
It does seem like such a shame, after working out all the bugs in your printing situation over the last few months.
If it must end, it must I guess.. just like M*A*S*H.. just like Seinfeld.. before as you say, it becomes something you and/or others no longer feel is up to your goals.
Personally I get enjoyment from every single issue. C'est La Vie then.. :|
I sure wish it didn't have to.. but then it isn't my call, and if it relieves you in any way, having been the dynamo to keep it alive and up to par all this time, then so it goes.

I still haven't gotten to pick up the August issue either.. maybe I can in the next few weeks? ..or possibly can wait until FC in January for it and the November issue together.

Thanks for everything all this time.. if there is any chance for resurrection, it would get my vote.. but in any case.. thanks again :o)

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