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Thanks to all who made it great

Anybody remember Beverly Sills?

She was the best singer the Metropolitan Opera had. When her voice started
to go, she immediately stopped singing and became the director for the
Opera. She wanted people to remember her at her best.

Many more of you remember Johnny Carson. He, Too, knew when it was time to

For reasons which will be fully explained in the editorial for issue #48,
It has been decided that Just as Critters! ended with issue #50, so shall
Huzzah! also end on the same number.

With great sadness I have to admit that Huzzah! has passed it's peak. I do
not want to see the book deteriorate away due to lack of interest or time
of the members who made it great. It's been a wonderful twelve years, but
times change, and all things end.

The deadlines for the next two issues are being revised back. Issue #48 is
not due until the end of November. #49 will also be pushed back about a month.

Issue #50 will not be made available to the public, but will only be sent
to members. Over the next few months I will try and contact as many former
members as possible to see if I can get them to contribute to that last issue.

I appreciate all the effort, great work and dedication you have shown over
the years. When the final issue passes, I will miss it greatly.

This announcement will be made publicly in a few days, but is not a secret,
you may tell whoever you wish.
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