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I must not be getting enough sleep

I'm not to the point of sleep depravation though - not by a long shot. But I'm not getting as much sleep as I did when I was unemployed (Duh!).

I AM getting enough - even by police standards, 6 hours a day (or night) is all you need. I used to take a 1-2 hour afternoon nap which is now obviously a lost luxury - and that made more of a difference than I thought it did. This is the first day of my weekend - my days off being Thursday - Friday, and I slept in til 7AM. That may not sound late to most of you but on a workday I get up at 3:10. I feel good now but apparently I needed 9 hours of sleep to catch up.

Then again, this is the first pair of consecutive days off that I have had since I started the job. maybe everybody catches up on the weekend.
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