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White Star Line


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Nothing for Today

Somehow my Visor crashed at work, so no updates today.

Incidentally, I now have a job where there could be as much as two hours of "wait around" time during the day, but nowhere where I can set a computer up for net access. I have a Visor, but it's the old 2MB model. I looked into wireless web adapters for it, and discovered there is no point in trying to go that route with what I have. It's too old.

Anybody use a wireless web device? What hardware & service is good? I ahve no experience with such things - but now am in a position where I might want to get one.

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mortonfox October 21st, 2002

Actually, I too have an old Handspring Visor with 2MB. Here's what I did:

  1. I have cellular service with Sprint PCS with a wireless web plan. Other providers should have similar service.
  2. I ordered a cable from SupplyNet to connect the phone to the Visor.
  3. I installed AvantGo on the Visor. I use that software mainly for downloading geocache pages for offline viewing but it also functions as a web browser.
  4. Then I set the modem and network preferences according to the instructions given by SupplyNet.

And that worked.

With a laptop computer, it is also pretty simple. I got a phone-to-serial cable and the modem/network settings are the same as that for the Visor.

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