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Reason for the silence

Nothing ominous. I just went from no job at all to 54 hour weeks with a 3 hour commute each day. I can handle it, I just need to fine tune how I do things. For example, This is being typed at LAX, somewhere underground, on my Visor. during a break. I don't really have time to update it once I get home, and I have forgotten most of what I wanted to say by the time I get there, or I'm too tired to bother typing it in.

One drawback to Pocket LJ is that there is no provision for a customized friends list - so all of my TSA related entries have been moved to 53162.

Yesterday I finally managed to get the CD/tape player/radio installed in martes car. It took 3 trips to the dealer for them to finally get it done, and I still didn't get what I really wanted. However, the sterio that's in her car now is better than the stock model I specified. Still neeed to get the lojack put in though.
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