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White Star Line


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Astro Empires Unknown

Where is this from??

This image appeared in Twitter recently and the person who posted it either has no idea where they got it from are just won't tell. Not only that, but even with a lot of people looking for it, nobody can find the source.

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tuftears March 2nd, 2015

titanic March 2nd, 2015
I waded through quite a bit of manga porn without finding it. Not surprising, a lot of people far more familiar with the Genere than I am couldn't find it either, so it could be something self published.

tuftears March 2nd, 2015
If you just want the scans, I guess it's here: https://u18chan.com/gc/topic/1136273

I fed the doujinshi name and author (Cowper Red And Green FCLG) into Google and that popped out. Seems legit!

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