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Cannibalization Results on 4ZTN485

In the Army we took old vehicles to the military equivalent of 'Pick Your Part" where they were cannibaized for parts other vehicles needed that were not immeiately available, so this concept is not new to me.

The following parts from the Saturn SL2 will live on in the one surviving car:

1. The sunscreens.  The drivers side won't rotate as the car design is slightly different - odd since the passenger side one will just fine.
2. The Front tires.  Fortunately the '97 Saturn had its good tires on the back, or this would ahve been a lot more work, but I just finished swapping out the front tires.  the '97 now has all near new tires on it.
3.  The jack and doughnut spare.  While these were OK, the ones in the SL2 were in better shape
4.  The roadside toolkit I put together.
5.  And lastly and most important - the License Plates, which with some ceremony willbe transferred tomorrow after the SL2 goes on its death ride.

I also learned a bit of history - the original plates were 4ZTN485.
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