Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Flying Today

3 out of 4 parts of my trip were smooth and comfortable, so I won't complain about the one part that wasn't

I mean American Airlines had these choices:

You could purchase additional legroom!
You could purchase the ability to actually check luggage instead of carring it onboard yourself!
You could purchase something to drink other than a thimble of coffee or HALF a can of soda!
You could purchase food! (they didn't even give me a bag of peanuts)
You could purchase headphones!
You could purchase wifi acccess!

Otherwise you were just crammed in a tiny seat where you could see the WORST animated christmas special ever made (I am so glad I couldn't hear it) where Santa was replaced by a Jewish bartender and a spastic black doctor, and the same two episodes, twice, of some new NBC sitcom that looked truly terrible.

Incidentally #2 above has led to the result of EVERYONE carrying as much as they can onboard, myself included.  I had no checked bag either way as I didn't feel like payng $50 for what used to be free.  If the plane is more than 2/3 full (all four of my flights were completely full) the carry on bags won't fit in the airplane.  Fights result.  I would call that the inflight entertainment but alas everything interesting was done before the plane moved at all.

To their credit, the airline was aware of this result, and gave everyone the opportunity to check their roll on bags at the last minute anyway - but now it was free, so I actually did it.  My carry on luggage consisted of a Dell 518 that was about to be thrown away because it was supposedly full of a virus.  Its old, but better than what I have, and I'm going to completely redo it anyway so BFD virus.  I'll be working on that later today.
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