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White Star Line


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I seriously doubt the Elio will ever be made

"Elio said he’s raised $55 million in private funding to date, and needs roughly $200 million to get his operation started."

We are past the original production date, the new estimated production date is now over a year in the future and  then have roughly one quarter of what they need to start making the car.  I really, really wanted one of these.  But $145,000,000.00 isn't going to happen.  Everybody interested in investing in this already has.

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shockwave77598 October 3rd, 2014
I had doubts when they said 84mpg. Um, short of some complex hybrid systems utilizing diesel fuel and a turbine, I don't see how you'll get that kind of milage.

titanic October 3rd, 2014
Its essentially an enclosed motorcycle with an engine smaller than whats typical on a full size bike these days. But I seriously doubt any more than the half dozen or so display models will ever exist.

c_eagle October 3rd, 2014
We were just talking about Ello and this post is about Elio .... :D ...#funnycoincidences

titanic October 3rd, 2014
I found out about ello by looking for the car and typing it wrong. And who are you on ello anyway? c-eagle isn't registered.

c_eagle October 4th, 2014
Most of the time I put the C and the Eagle together as one word (here on LJ also) ,, I hope it showed up in the friend requests :>

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