Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

A year from now.....

Its still going to be another year before these exist, but sometime in 2015 I want to have one. It is supposed to cost less than 7K and get 84MPG, which will open up a lot of activities I currently cannot participate in due to travel cost, not to mention that I presently do not even have a reliable car regardless of how much gas it burns.

I want to thank martes friend Dustmeat for bailing us out of a potential disaster - for the next four months we are essentially flat ass broke, our one remaining 200,000 mile car is on the verge of a failure commonly referred to as "beyond economic repair" meaning when it breaks it gets scrapped.  Since we are talking cars - lets look at the long road I have been down:

1963 Corvair - My first car I had in College.  I needed money to pay for summer school and found a fellow student about to move to Texas to sell it to.  My mother sent the signed title to him instead of me and and gave my car away.

1978 Audi Fox - Crashed it into the only light pole in a huge empty parking lot, resulting in the responding EMT's being completely convinced their breathalizer was broken.  I was picking something up from the floor of the passenger side of the car and so turned the steering wheel while I was doing it.  I sat up in time to crash my face into the windshield - fortunately at about 15MPH.

1985 Nissan Stanza - Constant Velocity joints failed in front of Nicolai Shapiro's house.  Engine ran fine but was no longer connected to the wheels.  Towed and traded in for:

1989 Nissan Sentra. - My only new car to date.  Driven across the country several times and literally driven to the point it was falling apart, close to 300K

1998 Saturn SL2 - Wrecked this one.

1988 Dodge Camper Van Conversion - Loved this vehicle despite 16MPG at best.  Did cross country honeymoon trip in this which would cost $5000 in gas to do today.  Also driven to death and sold to a friend of the family.

1998 Toyota Camry Station Wagon. - Also drove this to death.  The transmission ultimately failed, first refusing to shift into reverse and ultimately going out completely.

2002 Saturn SL2. - Our current vehicle, going down the same path as the Toyota.

And have you noticed - to date NOTHING has survived long enough to be traded in.
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