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White Star Line


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S&H Wolf #4

Less than one episode a year - but they are still at it

 The North Korean childrens political cartoons are still being made.  I thought they had stopped but apparently the production rate is just really really slow.  They started in 1977 and just put out episode 32!

To quote someone who's name I have long forgotten  "According to the North Koreans, Americans are all wolves with glowing blue eyes, and I'm.......perfectly OK with that."


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c_eagle December 21st, 2013

Choking crows, killing mice, and then immediately flocking on the beach to upbeat music!... Gotta wonder if there's any psychotherapy that could cure a child from the mixed messages in all that.... *boggle* ....Still, interesting designs and good to know about it... thanks for sharing the link!

titanic December 21st, 2013

sebkha December 21st, 2013
Sounds like something xyzzysqrl would say.

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