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White Star Line


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S&H Wolf #2

Too good to last

When I got made the supervisor of the security guard detachment at a particular company, I replaced someone who was fired without warning and with no indication their job was in any sort of jeopardy.

I never forgot this - and so maintained a one day a week schedule with my original company in the event they decided at some point to do the same thing to me.  In short, I never trusted them.

As it turns out this was an unusual act of foresight on my part. I was informed Monday morning that while I was still an employee of the company (to avoid an unemployment claim I suppose) they wanted me to commute to Bakersfield (it is 90 miles away).

Fortunately my original company can probably move me back to full time.  It would be a pay cut, but it would still be enough and actually a more pleasant job.  I can actually just reverse what I had previously been doing and keep working part time for the new company on my two days off.  It winds up being about 8 hours a week more on the job to earn the same money, but this is offset by the ability to do a lot of personal stuff at work now.  The supervisor position didn't allow for that.

If I hadn't maintained my backup plan job we would be in serious trouble now.  Fortunately I have finally gotten to the point where I actually do not trust anybody, and its paying off.

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c_eagle December 18th, 2013
"If I hadn't maintained my backup plan job we would be in serious trouble now. " .... - good to hear the not-keeping-all-eggs-in-one-basket paid off... whew....

zorinlynx December 18th, 2013
Wow, what scum. Relocating your job to 90 miles away to make you quit! That shouldn't be legal.

I'm glad you're still employed, though. I hope you find a better gig soon.

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