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White Star Line


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Universal U

My tweets from Van Nuys

  • Tue, 01:17: Big orange boy got fed. Have not seen the smaller two cats yet

  • Tue, 05:28: Saw brown cat. Little grey tabby never showed up.


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c_eagle November 20th, 2013
Wow... our last cat was named Big Orange too :D

titanic November 20th, 2013
One night a week I work at a medical center in Van Nuys - there are three stray cats I've seen just about every night since I started there in July. Big orange tomcat, a medium size brown cat that looks like a raccoon and a little grey tabby. Last night I didn't see the smallest one - but then I only saw the other two once each so it may have been the cold or something.

In any case they are going through that 10 Lb bag of Meow Mix that my own cats won't eat fairly fast. About 3 bowls a night when I'm there.

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