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When it rains it pours

Good or bad, apparently.

I went back into the security guard field in October, which is about 8 months ago. I went to work for a low end no benefits company that at least promised me 40 hours a week of work at a regular schedule.

About four months later they moved me to a post in Hollywood as a result of my experience (from other jobs). It was 22 miles a day more driving, I lost weekends off and the job was a lot harder and occasionally dangerous. I eventually went to a lower paying job here in Santa Clarita to get away from it.

Friday two weeks ago the original company offered me a raise and a move to a medical center in Van Nuys, not only the best post they have put me on so far, but the highest paying as well.

Friday last week, I got a call from another company offering me an even better pay rate for a job here in town.

Today I got yet another call from another company for a job here in town, a wierd schedule, but this time from one (of only three) companies that give their employees a full benefits package. It would be the same pay and benefits I had with Staples when I was full time.

This is literally the first time in my live that I have ever been in a position to turn down an offer for a good job.

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