Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Android Phones

I had gotten an android for my birthday and immediately wondered how I had ever gotten by without it.

later due to a hiccup in the home cash flow the phone got cut off because I couldn't pay the bill for it. However even now that I have the money to turn it back on - I may not.

With the original walmart family mobile chi[p still in it, the phone gave an error whenever it was powered on, and so was useless. However - I still had the original standard T-Mobile sim card that came with the phone. Since the Walmart chip was now no good to anybody for anything, I put the originally supplied chip in.

The phone now thinks it is brand new out of the box, and the WiFi turned back on.

And so Skype once again works. So essentially as long as I am in range of WiFi, it essentially still works as a phone. For free.

Last element - Skype predates the current SMS message system and so while voice calls are free - SMS messages are not. So - I sighed up for anaother free service called textfree and use that.

As long as am within wifi range of somewhere, thsi all works. And at home and at both jobs this is usually the case. Only drawback is that my voice only number cannot recieve text (so its like a landline) and my text number cannot receive voice calls unless Ipay, so I have two different numbers

So its
661-347-1137 Voice
661-360-1237 SMS
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